Friday, October 19, 2012

Life as a student has ended (Well, not really)

Not really ended since I need to sit for the final examination of my 6th year (final year horray!) starting on December,13th 2012 until February,2nd 2013. The scheduled is making me sick just by looking at it. But the class has ended, so yeahh let's horray for now. Basically, this one will be my last biggg examination during my undergraduate, so BRING IT ON!

SURGERY (Pembedahan)
Written Paper 1: 13/12/12
Written Paper 2: 20/12/12
MCQ: 22/12/12
Clinical(1 long case & 2 short cases): 25/12/12
Oral(Pathology, Anatomy, X-ray, Operative+Instruments): 31/12/12

OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY (Perbidanan&Sakit Puan)
Written: 29/1/13
MCQ: 31/1/13
Clinical & Oral: 2/2/13

And after February 2nd, 2013, MERDEKAAAA! So sebelum merdeka, let's struggle for now. Supaya tidak menangis di kemudian hari *nasihat untuk diri sendiri*

Tomorrow we'll be having an evaluation for ObsGyn round. It's an end-round evaluation, by all the professors who taught us during the past 3 months, before having a proper end-round examination on early November.

To all the professors who gave us knowledge and guidance, who taught us how
to work under pressure and help us realise that every problem has a solution
, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I couldn't thank you enough. May Allah rewards all of you Jannah, inshaallah :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Because you are always right. And I'm always wrong...
I'm sorry..